Halton Beach G&CC

Designer: Dan Hebert

Course Description:

Halton Beach G&CC is a tribute to the north american coast. Lots of inspiration was taken by some of the most popular coastal golf courses such as Whistling Straits, Cypress Point, Pebble Beach, & Arcadia Bluffs.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2017 CC-Am Exhibition Open CC-D 0
2017 CC-Am Exhibition Open CC-E 0
2017 CC-Am Exhibition Open CC-Z 0

Other Courses by Dan Hebert

Course Name Theme Par
The Club at Whispering River Alpine 72
Bushtail Valley Golf Resort Alpine 71
Red Diamond G&C Desert 71
Shivering Pines HD Alpine 71
Pawnee Reserve Golf & Country Club Countryside 72
Halton Beach G&CC Highlands 71
Roundabout Golf Club Boreal 71
Halton Beach G&CC Highlands 72