TGC Tours is Back!!!
Want to thank all our members - new and old - for having patience while we switched TGC Tours over to TGC2.  There was a lot to change and update but we're ready to go now!  Hope you are ready to get back to the competitive world of golf that is TGC Tours!  

Continue reading for info on:
  • Season 3 - starts Sunday, schedule/playoff update
  • Step-by-Step Q-School Instructions
  • Q-School Info
  • Auto-Score/Auto-Registration reminder
  • Pro Tour/Challenge Circuit Demotions
  • Fair Play Policy
  • Other Tidbits/Info
Season 3 Resumes!
We're back!  Season 3 resumes with events in TGC2 opening on Sunday, September 3rd.  Make sure to join the proper TGCTours society to be ready to play!
  • In-game events run from Sunday to Sunday (8am UTC open/close)
  • On leaderboards open Monday(8am UTC) and close early Sunday morning (8am UTC)
  • Auto-registration and Auto-Score submission is in effect (no more submitting scores to the site)
  • Pre-Registration available still (closes Friday night)
  • *NEW*  Please visit your TGCT profile and set your Preferred System (PC, PS4, XB1) to have a smooth Auto-Registration experience
  • Crossovers for PGA/European tour disabled for remainder of season
  • Mandatory Tour Clubs for both PGA/European Tours
Schedule Info
  • The remainder of Season 3 will consist of 5 events (Week 48 through 52)
  • no FedEx Cup Playoffs, Road to Dubai, Tour Finals or Challenge Circuit Finals
  • All final events will be open registration (no invite only)
  • Final event of season will be considered championship event for all tours
  • Season 4 info to come week or two from now
Society Info
  • TGCTours (PGA Tour)
  • TGCTours (European Tour)
  • TGCTours ( Tour)
  • TGCTours (CC-Pro)
  • TGCTours (CC-Am)
  • TGCTours (Special Events) - for charity events, majors, WGC
  • TGCTours (True Sim Tour)
TGC2 Q-School Registration Now Open
Step-by-Step Instructions
  1. Register for a TGCT account by clicking here 
    • Make sure all information is accurate when filling out your profile - especially your gamertag - triple check!
  2. Go to Q-School Registration page by clicking here or by clicking the big red Register for Q-School button on the home page
  3. Select the system you will play your rounds on
  4. Select the week you want to play
    • Q-School is played on the TGCTours (CC-Pro) society in-game and is a week long event
    • Course info can be found on the CC-A Tour Schedule
  5. Wait until your selected date arrives (feel free to practice in the meantime!)
  6. Load The Golf Club 2
  7. Enter the Online Societies section
  8. Search and join the TGCTours (CC-Pro) society
  9. Begin the active tournament
  10. Play your rounds (all 4)
  11. You do not have to play all 4 in one sitting - you can stop and come back
  12. You can not restart - it’s a one shot deal
  13. Scores will be auto-submitted by the TGCT API starting on Monday
If your scores don’t show up 2 hours after you play, triple check that your gamertag on the in-game leaderboard matches your TGCT profile gamertag exactly
  • If you are still having issues email to create a support ticket
  • Confirm all four rounds are on the Q-School Leaderboard prior to the event closing on Saturday
  • Wait until event is finalized by TGCT admin on Sunday
  • Based on where you finished you will receive a TGCT Tour card and a notification email late Sunday

You can then begin to play official TGCT events!

Q-School Details
  • Q-School will be run out of the TGCTours (CC-Pro) society every week
  • all CC-Pro members (from flights CC-A, B and C) that play that week will be placed on a Q-School leaderboard as placeholders along with new members qualifying for a tour card
  • cutlines for the different tours will be placed on the Q-School Leaderboard each Thursday
  • All cutlines will be based off the score above the CC-A exemption for the official CC-A flight that week
  • when the event is finalized on Sunday - all new members will receive a tour card based on where they finished on the master leaderboard, CC-Pro placeholders will be ignored
  • CC-Pro players are placed on the Q-School leaderboard to make you feel like you aren’t playing alone - they are there to give you a sense of being in a big event - again, they are just placeholders
  • New members are mainly concerned about where they place within the various cutlines as that will determine your tour card
  • Members that just received a tour card will be auto-registered in their new tour's upcoming event
  • If you shoot well enough to earn a PGA or European Tour card - the tour you have selected under Preferred Tour in your TGCT profile will determine which of those two tours you will join
Still to Come
  • Links to view Q-School field, schedule and leaderboards via the main menu toolbar should be available early next week
Auto-Registration/Auto-Score Submission Reminder
  • all active users will be auto-registered on Sunday night after previous week is finalized
  • Please ensure your gamertag is accurate and that you set your Preferred System in your TGCT player profile
  • inactive players that return to action will be auto-registered during the week up until Friday at 8am UTC
  • if you are registered but do not complete a single hole - it will show up as "Did Not Play" on your Season Stats (ie you do not need to withdraw from the event)
Auto-Score Submission
  • Every hour TGCT will grab any new scores and auto-submit them for you
  • reminder that we have a slow reveal on the leaderboard - not all 4 rounds will show up at once
  • PGA/Euro/Web members still must have R1 and R2 completed by Friday at 8am UTC
My Scores Table
  • when viewing your tour's leaderboard you will see a My Scores table above the full field
  • use this to self-verify your scores - you will see all your scores here as soon as the API grabs them
  • if you have any issues/concerns with the scores or lack thereof please use the Create Ticket button to reach out to Admin (after waiting at least two hours)
Pro Tour/Challenge Circuit Demotions
  • 5 strikes will trigger mandatory demotion from your tour/flight
  • Pro Tours (PGA, Euro, Web) will have a "Double Strike Line" at 145th position on the leaderboard
  • Challenge Circuit will have "Double Strike Line" at 100th position
  • everyone that plays at least 1 hole and finishes below the Double Strike Line will receive 2 strikes - this will be in place of max fields going forward
  • 1 Demotion Strike for missing Cut/Clear Strikes and finishing above Double Strike Line
  • Demotion Strikes disabled for Special Events, Invite Only, Minor Events and Playoffs
  • Finish above cutline (pro tours) or Clear Strikes line (Challenge Circuit) to clear strikes
  • Demotion Strikes will be displayed on leaderboard (colour coded, hover over to display) as well as posted on your player profile page
Fair Play Policy

TGC Tours recommends the use of Stock XB1 and PS4 controllers (controllers manufactured by Microsoft or Sony respectively). You may use another controller or a mouse provided that it meets our Fair Play Analysis which analyzes several metrics from your shot data.

Our metrics will allow most users with stock PS4 and XB1 controllers ample room to play on TGC Tours with no issues.

  • Shot data will be monitored and if any results fall outside our Fair Play criteria, all scores will be withdrawn for the week
  • Pro tours (PGA, Euro, Web) will have Fair Play Metrics checked for R1 & R2 after the 2nd round ends and R3 & R4 checked after the 4th round ends
  • CC-Pro/Am will have Fair Play Metrics for all rounds checked after the 4th round ends
  • Members that have scores withdrawn will be auto-emailed a link to a private board on our forums for support
  • TGCT reserves the right to withdraw any abnormal results that we deem counter to our Fair Play Policy

A note about 3rd party controllers/officially licensed
There are many officially licensed controllers for both the PS4 and XB1. Officially licensed is another term for 3rd party controller. Most of these controllers are not built with the same quality/sensitivity as the PS4 or XB1 official controller. An officially licensed or 3rd party controller may look like a regular controller but may not pass our Fair Play metrics analysis.  Please be aware of this when claiming your controller is an Official XB1 or PS4 controller - it may not be.

No Cheating Accusations
All public cheating accusations will result in temporary forum bans.  The majority of users removed from the leaderboards via our Fair Play policy are not cheating - just using devices with forgiving settings/deadzones that make it unfair to compete against stock controller users - usually unknowingly.  Any concerns should be emailed to

Other Tidbits/Info
  • President's Cup delayed - will look to reschedule around new year after WGR has time to settle
  • Rule Change (Chipping on Green - change in bold):  Putter must be used on the green unless your putting line is obstructed by fringe/rough/bunker or your putt is longer than 100 feet, in which case use of a putter is not mandatory.
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