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 Player Testimonials

"As close to a real life PGA golf experience setup without actually getting on the course. From the website, the staff and the competition, nothing beats it. TGC Tours is where it is at." –Brian M, USA, PGA

"Come and enjoy TGCTours, very well run with fantastic flighted tours enabling fun for all levels of play. I'm sure you will enjoy every moment of Q-School and the progression you make throughout the tours. I must say I have enjoyed every moment so far." –D.Waring, UK, PGA

"TGCTours is the best community site complement to any game I have seen. It adds so much more to the game experience, that I have difficulty imagining a virtual golf life without it." –Sean B., CAN, Euro

"TGCTours has added so much more replay value to this game. Nothing beats competing against other people across the world. You owe it to yourself to join this wonderfully run site and community." –D. Turner, USA, Euro

"Come on out and join the fun. The guys are friendly and very helpful. TheGolfClub is a great game. Make it even better by joining TGCTOURS. You will not regret it!" –Steve C, USA, PGA

"Come and join the ride on the TGCT flight tours, very well run, great fun had by all, competition is fierce through all tours, don't be scared to play q-school and get yourself on a tour, as it an experience not to be missed. I've loved every minute so far!" –A. Smith, UK, Euro

"Put down your clubs, pick up your controller and be prepared for the greatest virtual sporting pro experience of a lifetime, these tours cater for all. I've had so much fun already and I'm sure it will continue." –J. Powell, England, Euro

"Looking for competition? Well here it is! No matter what skill level you are at this time, TGCTours will find a place where you can compete and have FUN!" –Bill O, USA, Web B

"If you want more than just a golf game, come join TGC Tours, the complete golfing experience, start out at Q school and then progress through the various tours, a fantastic golfing community where you will get as much help as you need or ask for -- and they let girls in!" –Vikki W., UK, Web A

"If you want to take a good game and make it amazing, then tee it up at TGC Tours. The competition is just the surface of what TGC Tours offers. TGC Tours creates a realistic experience not seen before - and it's for players of all experience levels." –Chris C, USA, PGA

"TGC the game is good in it's own right.. Combine it with TGCTours, and it's phenomenal!" –B.Beaumont-Thomas, RSA, Euro

 Last Week's Results

Tour Dates Tournament Winner Results
PGA 08/19 - 08/24 TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola Full Results
PGA 08/19 - 08/24 Eliminated Invitational - Event #2 Full Results
European 08/19 - 08/24 DP World Tour Championship, Dubai Full Results 08/19 - 08/24 Tour Championship Full Results
CC-A 08/19 - 08/24 Duff Beer Championship Full Results
CC-B 08/19 - 08/24 Duff Beer Championship Full Results
CC-C 08/19 - 08/24 Duff Beer Championship Full Results
CC-D 08/19 - 08/24 Duff Beer Championship Full Results
CC-E 08/19 - 08/24 Rickard's Red Open Full Results
CC-F 08/19 - 08/24 Rickard's Red Open Full Results
CC-G 08/19 - 08/24 Rickard's Red Open Full Results
CC-Z 08/19 - 08/24 Rickard's Red Open Full Results
True Sim 08/19 - 08/24 TOUR Championship Full Results
Beginner 08/19 - 08/24 Rickard's Red Open Full Results

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