Vallentuna Golfklubb - Sweden

Designer: Mikael Thunberg

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2016 The Brian Blessed Links Championship CC-A Phil Crampton
2016 The Brian Blessed Links Championship CC-B Jamie Tewky
2016 The Brian Blessed Links Championship CC-C Matt Eurich
2016 The Brian Blessed Links Championship CC-D Garry McNeill
2016 The Brian Blessed Links Championship CC-E Bill Witt
2016 The Brian Blessed Links Championship CC-Z Chris Culpepper

Other Courses by Mikael Thunberg

Course Name Theme Par
Gewella Golf Club Countryside 72
The Pellaway Hills GC (Tournament Edition) Countryside 72
The Vania Hills GC Harvest 72
Zewina Golf Club Countryside 72
Timberland Golf And Hunting Club (sunday) Boreal 72
Massara Golf Club Countryside 72
Ponderosa Golf Club, Georgia - Sunday Boreal 72
Fossmill Golf Club Boreal 72
The Talina Pines CC Swiss 72
Odina Golf Club Countryside 72
Bro Hof Slott Golf Club, Stadium Course - Sweden Boreal 72
Lerina Golf Club Autumn 71
Taby Golf Club - Sweden Boreal 72
The Pink Bush Hills Golf Club Countryside 71
The Dellaway Hills Golf Club Highlands 71
Wissmore Golf Club Highlands 71
Gewella Golf Club 2017 Countryside 72
Massara Golf Club 2017 Boreal 72
The Dellaway Hills 2017 Rustic 71
Bro Hof Slott Golf Club - Sweden Boreal 72
Tarwa Golf Club Delta 71
Tillma Golf Club Countryside 70
Copala Golf Club - Par70 Delta 70

Member Reviews:

Really enjoyed this course. Played with limited wind and played very fair. Will remind you of playing one of your favorite pubic courses that you grew up playing. Much easier course compared to Mikael's other courses.


Smooth FPS rating

Plenty of challenging tee shots

Loved the scenery


Some very basic green concepts

Reviewed by: Scott Hassall on 5/25/2015
Experience a Swedish parkland course without actually having to go to Sweden!

Mike nails the feel of the most common type of Swedish golf course in his rendition of his home club. It plays easy for the game - but it feels like a real course. The finish is impeccable, as we have grown to expect from MikeMike3000 design. 

Personally I think the course in game would have benefited from exaggerating the greens a bit to get some slopes and make it a bit harder to sink those 10-15 feet birdie-putts. Also it would be very interesting to see a fantasy set of back-tees and then some tucked pins. 

Overall a must play!

Reviewed by: Robert Karlsson on 5/29/2015
Fun design that reminds me of courses in my area. Lots of quick doglegs where you have to decide to lay up or try and cut the corner over the trees.
Reviewed by: Andrew Gage on 7/18/2015
I played this beautiful course and it was just like being there. A lot of detail has been put into every part of this design and it is made with a lot of skill.

The course played pretty easy (I only wish Vallentuna was this easy in real life) although there are some tricky shots along the way. I played in low wind and higher winds will give more of a challenge.

The course is a pleasure to play as Vallentuna is an amazing course and the designer has made an excellent and flawless job on this course.

It has gone to my favorites list.
Reviewed by: Doe Coba on 11/22/2015