Angel Downs Golf Club

Designer: Jeremy Holme

Course Description:

Course designed to fit into the natural lie of the land and virtually no trees were cut down making this! As a result there are a few holes here requiring the tee shot to be shaped and the par 3 10th is the most challenging in that respect. Course has been built with playability in mind and a low score is available especially in the calm. Vic has taken some lovely photos of this course which is much appreciated and a white tee version of the course is also available. Enjoy!

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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Member Reviews:

Angel Downs Golf Club is a very solid and interesting course design based on the Countryside Theme. Many elements of it were absolutely fine (or even better than that), but a few points of criticism finally kept me from rating it as Tour Worthy.

So let's sum things up quickly:

  • absolutely stunning bunker work (regarding depth)
  • immense planting all over the course
  • a few funny & risk-rewarding holes
  • fair, but interesting/challenging greens

  • I don't mind shot shaping at all, but curving the ball around trees from a majority of the tee boxes is not fun (and interesting) hole desing in my opinion
  • a bit too easy to be played on Tour maybe
  • while I totally loved the look of bunkers, they just didn't come into play at all (for me)

Summary: Overall a nice course to play, but I really didn't like all those trees that come into play right from the tee! Apart from that, I enjoyed my round at Angel Downs Golf Club!
Reviewed by: Thomas Oberholzer on 6/18/2015