Cassowary Heights

Designer: Adam Hill

Course Description:

The many undulations of Cassowary Heights create a unique challenge as the greens can go from being six feet above you on one hole, to a hundred below you on the next. Care to take it on? I aim to host Challenge Circuit events.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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Member Reviews:

A solid course design within the new Tropical Theme. Not absolutely top class maybe, but absolutely worth a round (or more).

  • interesting hole layouts
  • plenty of opportunities to gain shots
  • the hilly landscape built around the holes looks fantastic
  • a few tricky pin positions that are quiet hard to go for (directly)

  • some fairways were extremely narrow (eg. on Hole #2)
  • the greens could have been a bit more undulating/challenging
  • a few bunkers were looking too flat (while others looked good)
  • personally, I'm not a big fan of those huge elevations (+60y; especially uphill)

Personal rating: 7/10
Reviewed by: Thomas Oberholzer on 7/7/2015