Kingston Point

Designer: Jeremy Holme

Course Description:

This resort course takes advantage of the sea frontage and the hills behind. Fair challenge and can go low in the calm but a challenge when windy. Greens are slick but hold and are tricky for the average golfer. 2 versions available with different tees and pins and the Blue Tees course is played in the evening and the Resort course in the morning. Enjoy!

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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Member Reviews:

First of I have to admit that I totally fell in love with this new Tropical Theme! Nevertheless, I tried to review Kingston Point on a neutral basis... and I can actually say that this course most probably would look great and be fun 2 play no matter in what Theme it was built in. Really great job by the course designer on this one!

  • superb course layout
  • very realistic & stunning look
  • interesting/demanding greens with quiet fair pins
  • fantastic usage of several gimmicks (eg. fences, paths, etc.)
  • you shouldn't use the Driver blindly of the tee; tactical play is necessary on a regular basis

  • Cons:
  • a bit too easy maybe; the course could use some length and/or less receptive greens (in my opinion)

My (personal) rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Thomas Oberholzer on 7/5/2015
This is another course from the summer of 2015, and I think it shows a lot of promise for Jeremy. There are a lot of stock shapes used on the course, which I mentioned for Jeremy's Charthurst Manor course tends to make the course blend in with all of the other courses in the game. That will be somewhat of the case here, but as I worked my way through the course, it showed some pretty good sculpting, and a little bit of character came through

One unique design feature was some of the fairways split by a narrow strip of water, with cart path bordering up on the retaining walls on both sides. That would be a very dangerous setup to consider if I was the owner of the course, but in this case we do not have to worry about that.

The holes do a fair amount of twisting and turning, and the designer likes to occasionally take driver out of the player's hands, unless they feel like risking a carry that will barely clear water hazards. One hole that stood out to me for its design was the 7th hole, with lots of options off of the tee, and indecision created by the steeply downhill tee shot.

The greens were a little inconsistent, with some pins in very flat areas, while others had a good deal of slope to contend with. They mostly stray to the easy side, though, making this course a good contender for True Sim golf.

All in all, while I rated Jeremy's Angel Downs a little higher, this one lays a good foundation and I am curious to see what other courses he has produced over the fall and winter.
Reviewed by: Craig LeVasseur on 3/29/2016