Rattlesnake Lake Golf Club

Designer: Sean Gaines

Course Description:

Nestled in a small valley of the high desert, two hours north of Arizona's State Capital, lies scenic Rattlesnake Lake. This course combines some long par 5's with a few short par 4's, whether you're long off of the tee or a deadeye with a pitching wedge, this layout will give you many opportunities to catch a birdie. But watch out! If the bunkers don't get you, the unforgiving desert will!

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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Member Reviews:

Very interesting contrast , semi firm fairways/greens but medium slow greens.  Means you end up having some longer putts that you have to hit harder.  Took me by surprise.  I think this course could be used in tournament play my only major concern is the firmness of the greens. You have several holes where you have a long second or first shot, into a green that is too small to handle the firmness.  Having a pin near the front of the green with a long iron,  you need 15-30 yards stoppage depending on the slope of the green.  One way to counter this is to soften up the fairway so a person can play off the fairway first.  Fun course all round, great use of the scenery.  Beautiful course.


Hole 4 – Very nice fairway bunkers on approach shot.

Hole 5 – I love this hole, even the little landing area up top. J

Hole 6 – Love the bridge behind the green, very imaginative.

Hole 8 -  This green seems a little unfair, especially with a tail wind.  Hole is in front just past a huge hump and it is severely downhill after. Even with a lofted 3 iron, that hit 2 feet onto the green, I ended up 48 feet away down the hill.  Fairly easy two putt, but this pin placement seems questionable.  Might be good to reduce the slope some.



Reviewed by: Ron Duncan on 10/12/2015