Keeneland Golf Course

Designer: Chuck Thomas

Course Description:

This beautiful, autumn themed course has wide fairways as well as fair pin placements that sit on subtle breaking greens. A good mix of short and long par 4's and reachable par 5's, this course can be enjoyed by all skill levels. Although Keeneland Golf Course is just over 7000 yards, I believe it would be ideal for Challenge Circuit play.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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Member Reviews:

I played this course this evening and enjoyed my round.  For the better players, this course will not really challenge you.  I played this quickly with winds of 6-9 mph and shot -10, and that was with a bogey and really just flying through the track.  I was happy to see an older themed used.  The course is done well in most cases.  The lighting was done very well.  The fairways were nicely sculpted as well as the rough blending with the fairway.  One thing I noticed one hole on the front 9, a par designed two paths to send your tee shot, but it didn't really benefit you and seemed like a bad decision to go down the one path to the left, that would leave you a longer second shot for no apparent reason.  I love having options off the tee, just make sure ther eis a reason or some type of reward for picking one over the other.  The bunkers were sculpted fairly well and I did not notice any bunker dissecting.  The greens were fair, but I did see just a hint of red lines a couple times near the edges near some bunkers or drop offs by the edge of the green.  The other thing I noticed was a lot of the second tee boxes were identical hole after hole, and they didn't appear flat.  The edges were slightly curved.   These are things I would work on for your next course.  These are all minor things, but do hold the course back from being a tour stop.  Some type of planting would be a nice added touch also.   None of this however takes away from the playability of the course.  This course is geared toward the lower players, and that's not a negative thing.  I personally like to play a laid back course once in a while.  The fairways are very wide and inviting, there aren't too many hazards that get in the way.  I'd like to see some more from this designer, as I believe he has the potential for some really nice courses.  
Reviewed by: Albert Fargo on 10/30/2015
Very nice course looks like it's built in Kentucky in the fall fun challenging course
Reviewed by: Christopher Taylor on 10/30/2015