Spirit Mountain Golf Club

Designer: Steve Allen
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Course Description:

Somewhere in the Canadian Rockies there exists a place the natives call Spirit Mountain, now home of this beautiful panoramic golf course (imaginary, not real).

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2016 Barstool Sports Open CC-A Eric Hagen
2016 Barstool Sports Open CC-B Jonathan Colby
2016 Barstool Sports Open CC-C Robert Finnegan
2016 Grantland Invitational CC-D Papa Dapa
2016 Barstool Sports Open CC-E Bill Hibbard
2016 Barstool Sports Open CC-Z Douglas Kohn
2017 Fairway To Heaven Invitational CC-D Brendan Krol
2017 Fairway To Heaven Invitational CC-E Chad Adair
2017 Fairway To Heaven Invitational CC-Z Tom Thirsk

Other Courses by Steve Allen

Course Name Theme Par
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Stevenson Glade CC Harvest 71
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The Crawl @ Snyke's Plateau (Tour ver.pin1) Rustic 71
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Placid Peaks Country Club v1.17 (Thursday) Swiss 72
Lula Lake Resort & GC (Medium) Harvest 72
Tortoise Rock Desert 72
Beacon Pointe Royal GC (Medium) Links 72
Sapphire Springs CC (Med. rev.1.08) Delta 70
Split Rail Boreal 72
Whitethorn Desert 72
Isle de Serpentine Delta 72
Scorched Gila Golf Resort Desert 70
The Southern Comforte Gentlemen Club Rustic 72
PeeDee Creek CC Boreal 72

Member Reviews:

The rarely seen Swiss theme these days, this one has a great look with the dusk lighting, and lots of planting with trees and bushes surrounding most holes. I can see a small issue for some people with shadows and perhaps a tiny bit of lag where the planting is heaviest, but I didn't have too many issues with either. There was an occasional bunker cutting into the fairway, causing strange small patches of fairway along the outer edges of the bunker, and a little bit of smoothing can be done around the fairway to rough and rough to heavy edges. It's not bad, though, and certainly doesn't take away from the course.

I found the course to play on the easy side, even in 10-15 mph wind. I attribute it to a number of par 5's and short par 4's that offer a lot of reward without much risk. A lot of the greens also accept approach shots from almost any angle, so as long as your find the fairway off of the tee, low scoring is possible. There are a handful of tricky greens, though, which can derail your round quickly if you lose focus.
Reviewed by: Craig LeVasseur on 3/14/2016