La Playa Vacia Golf Retreat

Designer: Patrick Lawless

Course Description:

La Playa Vacia Golf Retreat is a 7100-yard par 72 course built along the shore of a tropical island. Don't let the serene retreat setting fool you, the course has some teeth and will bite you if you let your guard down. The fairways twist and turn through and around several hazards, but strong play will be rewarded with a low score.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2017 "Steamin" Willie Beamen Shark Charity Classic CC-A Ron Boychuk
2017 "Steamin" Willie Beamen Shark Charity Classic CC-B Jeremy Canup
2017 "Steamin" Willie Beamen Shark Charity Classic CC-C Simon McCarthy

Other Courses by Patrick Lawless

Course Name Theme Par
The Woods at Staaten Ravine Boreal 72
The Emerald Course at Eggar Hill Harvest 72
El Toro Golf Club Desert 71
Crescentic Bay Golf Course Delta 71
The Golf Club at Hylan Park Countryside 71
Bearded Pelican Golf Links (CC) Tropical 72
Acacia National Golf Club 2018 Delta 72
Transylvania Municipal Golf Park Rustic 71

Member Reviews:

These are the types of courses I don't care for. It seems the designer went out of his way to make it as impossible as he could. Too many times the landing area is so small you can't hit driver on 450 plus par 4's which means you are hitting 3 irons in to the greens. Just unrealistic. You will never see such difficult to hit fairways. There is supposed to be a risk vs. reward element. But there is no reward, just unrealistic difficulty. The only way this course is playable is with little to no wind. You add 10 plus mph winds and forget it. If you do manage to hit the green you will greeted with silly pin placements. There is supposed to be give and take in golf, this course just takes.
Reviewed by: Jim Steele on 2/21/2017
Your fairways are too narrow especially where you have the sand traps situated, and for the wind conditions when they are high. Why do red and yellow lines have  be put on the greens? You can make them challenging without them. I understand you want to make the course as hard as possible and overall to me it is a very challenging course which is testing my overall ability at this game. This critique of your course is only my opinion but I will keep playing it until I get it right.
  Whomever picks these courses for TGC is not taking into account the abilities of all the golfers in the CC Tour and that needs to be addressed.

Reviewed by: Nunzio Camerlengo on 2/28/2017