East Lake Golf Club

Designer: Wes Hartman
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Course Description:

This is my RCR of East Lake G.C. Atlanta, Ga. Home of the Coca-Cola Tour Championship. I will be publishing multiple versions with unique pins, lengths and varying difficulties suitable for the TST as well as other tours. Admin note: Changing the name (removing members edition) while we use it for the Tour Championship on the PGA - remind me to change it back after - Doyley

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2016 TOUR Championship by Coca-Cola PGA Brian Murphy
2016 The Matt Lampitt Challenge True Sim Dennis Paisley

Other Courses by Wes Hartman

Course Name Theme Par
The Angry Willow C.C. Countryside 73
Taiga Trace Golf Course & Nature Preserve Boreal 72
Yuchi Valley G.C. (Saturday) Boreal 71