Vermillion Sands

Matthew Fritsch

  • Date Added: 12/10/2016
  • Theme: Delta
  • Type: Fictional
  • Par: 72
  • Yardage: 7406
  • Green Speed: Fast
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Likes: 2

Course Description:

Vermillion Sands is a Delta-themed links style course, with the championship tees set just over 7400 yards. The course features generously sized rolling fairways and numerous bunkers. It also has no light rough, so while there are large landing areas for conservative tee shots, aggressive plays that fall short are quickly punished. Vermillion Sands was designed to be approachable by casual players and still challenging to skilled players, so hopefully it will be an enjoyable round for everyone.

Member Reviews:


- Solid pin placements on good greens
- Water holes are very fun and interesting
- Good mix of short and long holes
-Fairways seem a bit too wide honestly...I was not even close to missing a fairway for my whole round.
- Some greens (15,18) don't fit in with the rest of the course...most greens are pretty flat but it seems like those greens have lots of red slopes.

Overall though, this is a very well made course. Just a couple of greens could be changed to add more consistency. This course fits in the 4-4.25 category IMHO.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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