Greens Of Aberdeen Blacks

Designer: Wayne Adams
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Course Description:

This is a redo of Greens Of Aberdeen many improvements have been made with new tees to increase the length to over 6800 yards

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2017 Africa Open European Jules Powell

Other Courses by Wayne Adams

Course Name Theme Par
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Greens Of Aberdeen Blacks Highlands 71
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Aslaug Village 2016 Countryside 71
Pointe Pelee Shores Delta 71
LAM International Golf Resort Delta 72
Devilfish Bay GC Delta 72
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Cats Paw Boreal 72
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The Kattegat Club Denmark Harvest 71
MacArthur Valley Boreal 72
Sawmill Creek CC Boreal 72
Nellie Arms Country Club Rural 71
Blackfires Hunt And Golf Club Boreal 72
Greens of Aberdeen Highlands 72
White Lake Station GC Rustic 72
The Traditional Boreal 70
Victoria Ridge B.C. Alpine 72
Sawmill Creek GC Boreal 72
Cat's Paw Trace Autumn 72
Moe Norman Estates Boreal 71
Three Creeks South Course Boreal 72
Ganatchio Valley CC. Swiss 71
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Ravenwood Autumn 72
Blu Violet Delta 71
Valley Glenn GC Harvest 71
The Overlook GC ( Sun ) Swiss 71
Tilbury Club ( Members ) Autumn 72
Cliff Of Westeros ( Sun ) Highlands 72
Old Dunbrough Highlands 72
Greens Of Aberdeen Highlands 71
Whispering Winds GC Swiss 72
The Ruins Of Douglas Castle Links 71
New Lake Bianca Boreal 72
Campbells Run (Tour) Countryside 72
Valpraiso Harvest 72
Dana's Lighthouse Cove Links 72
Lake Tessa G.C.Canada Boreal 71
The Saugeen River Club Boreal 72
Fairways Of Mt Garibaldi Swiss 71
New Oakley Island North Scotland Links 72
The Fairways Club Harvest 71
Orchard Lake (Members) Boreal 71
Greens of Aberdeen Highlands 71
Crawdads N.C. Boreal 71
Kenilworth Country Club Rural 72
The Whitefox Club Boreal 72
Westmorland Manor CC Countryside 71
Eastpointe Golf Club Harvest 72
Valprasiso Autumn 72
Idlewinds Point Highlands 72
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Dornoch Firth -Scotland Highlands 71
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The Sauble River Club Boreal 72
Windsor Grove C.C. Rustic 71
The Dark Monk Rustic 71
Idleswinds Point (Tour) Highlands 72
Royal Ballydehob Highlands 72
Scott's Golf And Hunt Club Rural 72
Willbrook Plantation G.C. Boreal 72
Cats Paw South Boreal 72
Roseland Hills (Tour) Autumn 72
Sonterra Valley Arizona Desert 71
LAM International Delta 72
Ye Olde Douglas Harbor Highlands 72
Roseland Hills CG Autumn 72
Owl's Head CC Harvest 71
Lady Erskine of Mar Highlands 72
Aslaug Village - Jutland Denmark Countryside 71
Jasper Trace National GC Swiss 72
Grande Gato Lago Rustic 72
Oxford Greens Boreal 72
Lila's Hollow Boreal 72