Century City

Designer: Ron Boychuk

Course Description:

This course is tough but fair. Ball placement is crucial in places. Greens are slippery and the ball will often just slide off, if the right shot is not played. It is pleasant to look at as when the ball is in the air. Features a range, putting green, maintenance buildings, nice clubhouse,landscape and some nice undulations. It can jump up and bite you if you are not careful. All of my courses have the signature Red sports car on display, usually in the water but this course I tied it into the 18th green.The wind can play havoc with getting it close to the pin. It is certainly not a perfect course or professionally done but it plays well, looks good and there are no "stupid" holes, in my opinion. Please consider this course for a tournament. I would love to see it being played. P.S. Sorry, I can't remember if its Boreal or countryside.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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