Field Stone Hills Golf Club

Designer: John Fischer

Course Description:

Field Stone Hills is a course I created for tgc1. The course is a tough but fair test built on a very hilly plot. Mind where your club selection due to the elevation changes. Some of the greens are tiered so place your approach shots well. Good Luck and Have fun, as an old golfing buddy of mine used to say there's trouble out there but lets give it a go!

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

Other Courses by John Fischer

Course Name Theme Par
Field Stone Hills Golf Club Harvest 71
Sweetwater Ridge Golf Club Alpine 72

Member Reviews:

Field Stone hills is a very enjoyable course. I favorited this course because of the mastery of elevation shown by the creator. Many holes have large elevation changes off the tee, and they all feel realistic and are a fun challenge. There were some holes where the loving, hand created aspects really showed through. The fairways on several holes are very tight, and kind be somewhat punishing to all but excellent shots. If you keep in the fairway off the tee, this course is not terribly difficult. The greens are quick, with some greens being much hillier than others.
Reviewed by: Jacob Alesia on 9/16/2017