The Alamo

Designer: Bruce Slagle

Course Description:

Entering for course submission and contest design if possible appceptance for the TGCTOURS for this truly unique concept design.The course is defined with a crushed limestone cart path along with the main concept a replica tribute of the Alamo! The golfclub facility is beautiful layout if examined.The measurements are above with well designed ,multiple tee boxes four pin placements on each green.Each green is different in every way ,some difficult some not an even balance.THE Alamo was designed for every skill level and I strongly suggest watching every flyby as there is a cross fairway on the 9th.The signature 12th a par5 a very appealing visual along with mountain springs, natural settings and man made follage in what I think is a beauty!! I would appreciate some exposure for example a possible link as Karma has done or me in the past or a port over to Jm gem to play as you have the power to do such formats. Thank you so much for taking time for appceptance of all my previous course

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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