The National Course at Rose Hall

Designer: John Ives

Course Description:

My submission for the Design Challenge National Treasure contest.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

Other Courses by John Ives

Course Name Theme Par
Fumninitsu Pro Golf Club Alpine 70
Blackfinger Golf Club Delta 71
Iditarod Golf Course Winter 72
Caliber Creek Country Club Rustic 72
The Speakeasy Club at the Lazy Creek Lodge Alpine 70
Kieswing Golf Club Countryside 72
PdGC - Tour Edition Delta 71
The Knolls Delta 72
The National Course at Rose Hall Tropical 72
Havre Hills Golf Links Highlands 72

Member Reviews:

I thoroughly enjoyed playing a round at this course, shooting one-under par. The National Course at Rose Hall is a very playable course with a mix of wider and thinner fairways and a variety of long and short approach shots to a challenging concoction of different greens. The Par 5s offer fair risk-and-reward opportunity. On many holes, there are noticeable slopes that provide a challenging break on your putt or that you can use to spin your ball back off to lag nearer to the pin. The course flows well from one hole to the next, the paths especially slope and curve in an appealing fashion, and the course just has this really clean, cool combination of green colours.
   The National Course at Rose Hall is one of the most enjoyable courses I've had the pleasure to play recently; I would happily play a second round and more there. I'd rate it 4.75, considering some of the water features, in particular, could be tidied up and deepened to portray a better image on the hole-overview map. But, overall, I thought it was a great course. Top work.
Reviewed by: Oli Tipple on 5/9/2018