Blue Maiden Sweden G&CC

Designer: Christian Lundh

Course Description:

Blue Maiden Golf course Unlike the modern stadium course that is the white maiden course, the blue maiden is the exact opposite. It is natural and rough, with all the native flora allowed to blossom. Most of the hazards at the blue maiden comes not from water but the big and rough waste areas and uncut natural rough. You wont find a single rake at the blue Maiden golfcourse! But if you stick to the rather generous fairways you will find good opportunities to score well, and a challenge most golfers will be able to overcome. Should you feel you need the extra challenge, why not give the pro tees a shot! Red Tee: 6006 yards Yellow Tee: 6747 yards White Tee: 7474 yards

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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