Isles of Delirium (Tour)

Designer: David Jensen
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Course Description:

There is odd sense of familiarity to this short little link of islands, lost on a unknown coastline, off the Oceanside. This delta themed course is 6662 yards from the tips. The Greens are medium fast, with a normal firmness. The Fairways are firm, but not real firm. This course is rumored to be built off an old cattle ranch slaughterhouse. The skulls are believed to be reminisce of the hundreds of cattle that still haunt golfers today. The spirits of the creatures are said by local club members, to have had a horn shoved up their backside, or letting out a eerie moo, thus causing an errand shot at the most compromising part of the swing. While, low scores can be had at the "Isles of Delirium Golf Club", When the winds pickup, the course will gore you repeatedly. Thus, living up to its name. Enjoy as always.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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