Congaree Golf Club (RCR)

Designer: Chris Lane
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Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

Other Courses by Chris Lane

Course Name Theme Par
Old High Hensley Boreal 72
Elmsley Island Links 72
Wentworth Lakes Alpine 72
Jebel Ali Emirates Desert 72
The Conservatory - LIDAR Countryside 72
The Widow's Talon Delta 72
Ekwanok C.C. - LIDAR Autumn 70
Davenport Athletic Club Delta 72
Congaree Golf Club (Tour) Rustic 71
Pinhook Saddle Club Rustic 72
Davenport Athletic Club (TGCT) Delta 72
Pinhook Saddle Club Tour Rustic 72
Old High Hensley Tour Boreal 72
Yale Golf Course - LIDAR Rustic 70
Big Shanty Station G.C. Harvest 72
Mullaugh Harbour Club Highlands 71
Stonecypher Club (Tour) Rustic 70
Royal Blackburn Countryside 70
Elmsley Island Tour Links 72
Congaree Golf Club (RCR) Rustic 71
Choc Bay - Terrace Course Tropical 72
Ford Plantation Boreal 71