Royal Melb. (West)

Gareth Irvine

  • Date Added: 2/23/2022
  • Theme: Delta
  • Type: Real
  • Par: 72
  • Yardage: 7155
  • Green Speed: Medium-Fast
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Likes: 9

Course Description:

A non lidar RCR of one of the best courses in the world. Two tee sets have been provided as per the exact member tee measurements however a third fictional tee set was also created to make this very short course more playable for 2k21.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-A Stuart Maxwell
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-B Jason Grant
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-C Jordan Heppell
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-D Michael Pinter
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-E Daniel Givonetti
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-Z 0
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-F Sam Bishop
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-G David Gee
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-H Tom Hanson
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-I Brent Gravelle
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-J Myles Robison
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-K Ben McDougald
2022 Snuggie Classic CC-L Jordan Taylor

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