Shivering Pines HD

Designer: Dan Hebert

Course Description:

Shivering Pines HD was inspired by golf courses in western Canada. Elevation changes, plenty of pine trees, and mountains in the background are reminiscent of golfing in BC and Alberta without the mosquitoes. This golf course was designed so that it could be walked and played by all skill levels. Shivering Pines was my introduction to the course creator when it came out for early access on Steam. Shivering Pines HD does away with some issues that couldn't be remedied due to limitations within the creator at the time. The updated course includes fairway makeovers, re-shaped greens, and some complete remakes of the holes that didn't fit in with the rest of the course, or weren't executed as well as intentioned.

Staff Review:

Shivering Pines HD is an update of one of this designer’s early access courses. This course offers a great variety of short and medium length holes. Set in the Alpine theme, Shivering Pines offers a compact, but sensible approach to course design. The greens are small or medium sized, but many holes will offer the player a chance to hit a wedge or short iron approach, and the greens are more than ample for the setting. Many of the greens have significant, uniform slopes—that is, the entirety of the green slopes in one general direction. This requires the player to either land the ball above the hole and let it trickle down, or hit a high, spinning shot into the area below the hole, while hoping it does not have too much bite.

The front nine is rather short, but not defenseless. Each hole requires a strategic approach, especially with many holes having a funnel effect in the fairways, pushing the player into an approach angle that may not be “Position A.” Precision is always rewarded here, and that is the most enjoyable aspect of this golf course.

The par 3 thirteenth is the signature hole. The hole plays over a marsh that abuts a large lake with vacation cottages and yachts on the shore in the distance. The hole requires a thoughtful tee shot to a tucked pin that can get the player in trouble if focus is lost. The planting around the hole is second to none. The view from the teebox alone is worth the price of admission.

Interestingly, the finishing hole is also a par 3, one with a dramatic elevation change to a well-bunkered green. Judging the correct club is never easy on a large decline, but the wind makes the task even more difficult. There is nothing soft about the eighteenth, and birdies will be hard to come by.

Overall, this course is well thought out and quite fun to play. This course excels at what it tries to be—a realistic looking and feeling golf course that provides a decent challenge for all skill levels. Points were deducted because the par fives are somewhat forgettable, and some of the par fours have a slight “sameness.” These slight point ticks do not prevent this course from being a phenomenal update of one of the most-played early access tracks by one of the preeminent designers in the game.

Everyone should play this track at least once.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2015 Vancouver Classic Simon Anderson
2015 Vancouver Classic Web-B 0
2015 Vancouver Classic Web-C 0

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Member Reviews:

The course has a strange feeling.  I'm not sure if it was just me but the holes seemed to play the same.  Driving on this course is straight forward with a few holes undecided which club to use depending on the wind.

Land the fairways and 50% of the time you may have a lie which will be above or below your feet which will make you think about your approach shot.  Greens are small but most holes you should be able to land close enough to the pin if you have accuracy.

The course needs to be played at least once.

Reviewed by: Stephen Templer on 4/21/2015
I enjoyed the course a lot.  Short score-able par 71 that is laid out well.  I shot a 59 including a hole in one on the signature 13th.  The green speed and firmness seems perfect for the course.  Many wedge opportunities on par 4's.  The par 5's could be longer in my opinion, definitely like a few to be reachable but these just seemed short.  The par 3's on the course were very well done.  The only problem I noticed was the green on 7, landing my approach 2 yards short of the pin and it rolled back to have a triple-breaker 35ft uphill putt.  Solid course could see it fitting in well on the tour.
Reviewed by: Matt Pierce on 1/14/2016