The Pellaway Hills GC (Tournament Edition)

Designer: Mikael Thunberg

Course Description:

The Pellaway is a 72 stroke course, 6378 yards of countryside theme

Staff Review:

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2015 Valspar Championship PGA Brian Dickerson

Other Courses by Mikael Thunberg

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Member Reviews:

Canuck's Course Critiques

-Stunning countryside theme. Excellent lighting and planting. Highly polished course.
- A great collection of shorter holes keeps the entire round interesting and fun.
- Very good bunkering in terms of depth, shape, placement.

-Some of the greens had a bit too much "red" with some overly difficult pin placements.
- Bunkers needed some heavy rough "blending" to avoid that brown rocky look.

Verdict- An outstanding entry here. In my opinion, one of the best countryside themed courses out there. Well worth multiple plays. 4.5/5 Very Good

Reviewed by: Andre Quenneville on 1/10/2015
Very nice course, the only downside I found was the greens seemed all the same with the hole on a ridge, but apart from that a great layout 
Reviewed by: Wendy Airey on 1/23/2015
Barring several gravity defying bunkers and overkill with tiered greens this Countryside ramble is an absolute stunning creation and has inspired me to dabble with the theme for my next venture.
Some clever and very nice touches with the new (Jan 2015) patch design alterations add to what, in my opinion, is some of the best planting you will experience in game. 
The designer: Mikael Thunberg (themikey3000) has absolutely nailed the lighting and terrain blending to showcase his talents and it's easy to forget your supposed to be whacking a Titleist pro V1 around the clever, well though out track, whilst you gaze in awe at the pure beauty surrounding you on all sides.
It's quite easy to shoot under par and once you learn where those "dance floor ski slopes" are, you'll want to try and beat your previous best. But, don't take my word for it! Do yourself a favour and head on over to The Pellaway Golf Club. 
Rated 4.75 out of 5 
Sam (SMorris).
Reviewed by: Simon Morris on 1/10/2015
A very beautiful countryside course. The bunker work is excellent, the planting gives the course a nice atmosphere and the small details like multiple tees, signs, benches, etc adds the finishing touches.
The holes vary in length and there are both par 4s and 5s that can be reached in under regulation.
The greens are well sculpted and quite undulated and provides an extra challenge on approach shots. Although there are some severe slopes on some of the greens, the area around the hole is lightly sloped and plays very fair.
Altogether a very enjoyable course with lots of replay value.
Reviewed by: Mattias Karlsson on 1/9/2015