Scarpacci Vineyard Blue

Designer: Antonio Scarpacci

Course Description:

Scarpacci Vineyard Blue is a picturesque 18 holes of golf set on the rolling hills of the Scarpacci family vineyard.

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2016 Open True Sim Bradley Garcia
2017 Open True Sim Dennis Paisley
2017 |Secondary Event| Lenovo Open True Sim Wes Hartman

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Member Reviews:

Canuck's Course Critiques

-Great lighting on some holes
-Stunning elevation changes some fun and exciting holes

-Holes away from the sun were a bit dark
-Finishing hole underwhelming
-A bit light on planting

Verdict: Another great addition to Scarpacci's stable of courses. Definitely worth a play  4.25/5 Good
Reviewed by: Andre Quenneville on 2/9/2015