Gewella Golf Club

Designer: Mikael Thunberg

Staff Review:

It's all about the details here at Gewella Golf Club. Thunberg brings us a fantastic follow up to Pellaway Hills with another countryside gem. This course will not be the most challenging you play, but it gives you enough to think about on many shots to keep you glued to your screen and trying for that career low round. 

Looks wise, Gewella is absolutely stunning. Some fantastic dusky lighting and natural planting make it a standout. Bunkering is also top notch. Water throughout the course is adorned with bushes and rocks that look incredibly realistic. 

We aren't just here for the looks though, we are here to play golf, and Gewella features some outstanding risk reward holes that could lead to some high scores, or a bragging session to friends afterwards.

Gewella is a course that should not be missed. We will see this course on tour very soon and should be on many people's "to play" list.Welcome to the 5-star club Mikael!

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2015 WNB Golf Classic Jesse Young
2015 WNB Golf Classic Web-B Lee Some
2015 WNB Golf Classic Web-C Chris Lane
2016 |Secondary Event| - Aflac Open True Sim Phil Roberts

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Member Reviews:

Great course. Difficult but not so much that it's unfair. It's possible to shoot a good score but some holes such as the 500 yard par 4 12th have only rare birdie chances. The course looks fantastic. The biggest plus of this course though is shot selection. This is key to a good round. Risk reward is fairly high on the agenda here.

Reviewed by: Dean Huddleston on 4/17/2015

Having played Vallentuna Golfklubb and Zewina Golf Club from this designer I teed up on the course expecting to be impressed, and Mikael certainly didn’t let me down.

Some of the areas on the outskirts of the course look a bit bare when you occasionally catch a glimpse of them but visually it is pretty much impossible to fault the course itself in any way. Everything is sculpted to perfection, with the bunkers looking particularly effective, and this is complimented by great use of plants, rocks etc to bring the course to life. The short par 3 6th which is neatly framed by trees on either side of the tee was just one of many highlights.

Of course a great looking course is worthless if it’s not actually any fun to play, fortunately however Gewella has the hole design to match its stunning visuals. Dog-legs and a host of opportunities to take on some risk/reward shots ensure that you can’t just switch off your brain and hit a driver on every hole and, whilst I wouldn’t describe the course as difficult, it never felt like birdies where a given either.

For me this only confirms Mikael Thunberg’s place as one of the game’s best designers.

Reviewed by: Dean Lowdon on 3/3/2016