Elmsley Island Tour

Designer: Chris Lane

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
2015 AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open European Toni Sabate

Other Courses by Chris Lane

Course Name Theme Par
Old High Hensley Boreal 72
Elmsley Island Links 72
Wentworth Lakes Alpine 72
Jebel Ali Emirates Desert 72
Royal Blackburn Countryside 70
Old High Hensley Tour Boreal 72
Choc Bay - Terrace Course Tropical 72
Big Shanty Station G.C. Harvest 72
Davenport Athletic Club Delta 72
Davenport Athletic Club (TGCT) Delta 72

Member Reviews:

I went into this review with lots of expectations, just because of the fact that creator Chris Lane has designed some very beautiful courses for TGC so far (like Old High Hensley, which is an outstanding course).

Maybe my expectations were too high...

Elmsley Island Tour is a Par72-Links-Course with generous fairways and huge bunkers all over the place. Even in high winds (played it with 16-22 mph) you can still manage to hit the fairways, so that's good. Fairways are placed nicely and sloped well, and also the "blending work" was done very fine.

The course has almost no elevations and/or drops, but that's okay, as I don't really expect that from a Links Course.

But that's it generally when talking about the good points...

Most of the holes somehow seem not to belong together. It's more like 18 single holes played one after the other, with wide "waste areas" that leave the feeling of not having cared about a lot when creating the course. The greens are normally quiet generous and do not have any crazy slopes, but some of the pins are placed exactely on the edge of breaking left or right.

What annoyed me the most was the fact that the bunkers seemed quiet "flatish". I don't know if they have been worked on a lot, but especially on a Links I'd love to see a few pot bunkers, and if not, at least some depth. 

  • nicely sloped and generous fairways
  • big, well sloped greens (no reds)
  • good blending work

  • holes don't "fit" together
  • big "waste areas"
  • some pin positions right on the edge
  • bunker work could have been done better

Summary: If you decide on playing Elmsley Island Tour, you don't make anything wrong. It has no unfair or unplayable elements, I just didn't feel like having a lot of fun playing it.

Rating: 3.5/5.0

Reviewed by: Thomas Oberholzer on 4/14/2015