Willbrook Plantation G.C.

Designer: Wayne Adams
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Course Description:

This is a real course in Pawleys Island SC.The layout and yardage were taken from the yardage book.Its been a number of years that i played this great course so iam using an old mans memory .Hope i did it justice .

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No hosted tournaments for this course.

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Member Reviews:

Mr prolific does it again!!!

I want to start off saying that Mr Wayne Adams keeps cranking out these high quality and unique courses, each presenting a different type of challenge, and not just sticking to a familiar theme.

Willbrook Plantation is another great course. A different sort of challenge. This course was actually very play, kind of like how I'd imagine a converted plantation course would look like. Rife with Wayne's trademark well placed trees, its difficulty came from a lot of narrow fairways, with shots that could be augmented with a subtle fade or draw. You also needed to consider where to land, as there were many trees that would impede a straight shot to the green if you landed in the wrong part of the fairway.

This course was also a lot firmer than the usual Wayne Adams offering. This aspect was very well executed, by not placing flags in the front of the greens, or bunkering the front so you couldn't play a proper bounce up and roll shot. 

I think the greens were the real star of the course. Each one had its own unique shape, generally on the smaller than average side. Exquisitte detail was paid to its contouring. There were some instances where you could be rewarded by landing in the appropriate area and let the ball feed down to the hole, and some where you just had to error on the cautious side as overly aggressive shots would be slaughtered with a hideous roll away. There were barely any easy putts unless you parked one particularly close, but no instances any greens being "tricked out." I felt that every birdie I carded was well deserved.

The course featured his trademark understated beauty. I found most of the planting was designed to be featured in the actual gameplay, but the were sporatic instance of some nice floral areas, and would occasionally catch a glimpse of a beautifully rendered  flower box in the background as you were lining up a pitch or putt.

Overall I'd say that this course is definitely an event caliber creation, appropriate for any tour really. I've yet to meet a course of Wayne's I haven't loved.
Reviewed by: James Moon on 4/21/2015