The Field Club (Championship)

Pico Heelis

  • Date Added: 4/21/2015
  • Theme: Rural
  • Type: Real
  • Par: 70
  • Yardage: 6880
  • Green Speed: Fast
  • Firmness: Medium
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Likes: 4

Course Description:

The Championship version of the The Field Club has been completed and published. The course will play slightly firmer than the original. Yardage and par changed after using alternate tee placements on #7 and #17. #3 will play as a long par 4. I also corrected some green widths/depths, most notably on #5,#7, #13 and #15. The green at the short par 5, 5th hole will play more severe and realistic (but not unfair). #18 green has been reworked to be more receptive to shots from 220 yards. #8 fairway was narrowed slightly. Pin placements match those of the final round of the 2014 Pittsburgh Open. The original submission was chosen to host The Principal Charity Classic on the Champions-A Tour in June and I will submit this version for a PGA or event as well. I'm hoping this version will play around 3-4 shots more difficult, but it definitely has its scoring opportunities. Enjoy!

Member Reviews:

Plainness betrays a simple elegance and deceitfully challenging course.

At first glance, I almost immediately thought this was going to be a very simple auto generated course. After playing the first couple of holes though, I realized that this was a well thought out, theme appropriate, and delicately edited course.

All of the holes were very straight forward, most featured a straightish fairway with a parse tree lining. Upon closer inspection, you realize that every fairway has it own unique tilt, and utilizes the terrain very well. There are bunkers placed that will eat your ball if you don't think about the bounce your ball will take off the fairway. I was also faced with several opportunities to shape my shots to try and hug the flag, and to make up for poorly planned drives that left me in unanticipated danger. 

The greens all had a gentle wiggle to them, and nowhere did I encounter a straight in putt. Lightning fast, i found myself facing a knee-knocker putt back up hill that broke in the opposite direction from what I missed for birdie. The course did play pretty soft, so fortunately I was able to land some shots fairly close, but this could only be done by taking a good look ahead of time to know where the bounce and roll would take you to.

Aesthetically, bridges were nicely placed and flush with the terrain. Overall the appearance is very minimalistic, not much adornment at all. Maybe this was by design. The fairways were not tree lined, but the layout of the course didn't permit you to abuse that fact because there weren't many doglegs to cut.

Nowhere will this course wow you by appearance, but it's just a very solid course that demands accuracy and a game plan. Not enough teeth to satisfy the big boys, but would actually be a great track for the champions tour, that will make them demonstrate the basic building block skills required to move up in the ranks.   

Tournaments Hosted

Year Event Tour Winner
No hosted tournaments for this course.

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