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DateCourse NameThemeMy PlaysDesigner NameStatusOn Tour?Real?Video?Likes
5/4/2018 Crystal Ridge ClubSwiss0Marc FischerApproved2 Like Review
10/3/2017100 Lakes Golf ClubAutumn 0Andrew DaviesApproved0 Like Review
3/9/20177777 Old Moss RoadHighlands0Jeff WinterApproved16 Like Review
11/13/2017Acacia National Golf Club 2018Delta0Patrick LawlessApproved1 Like Review
2/28/2018Adder Dunes (Saints Course)Highlands0Andrew HambrickApproved3 Like Review
9/23/2017Aengus Rock GCHighlands0Chris BatesApproved3 Like Review
5/5/2018Almhult GK (tour)Autumn 0Christian LundhApproved0 Like Review
10/23/2017Angel lakes G.CRustic0Scott FultonApproved4 Like Review
6/10/2017Appalachian Trail GCRustic0Carson BabichApproved4 Like Review
9/15/2017ARCHERS LANDINGHighlands0James OlcottApproved5 Like Review
7/23/2017Arien Hills Golf ClubCountryside0Wesley FrostApproved0 Like Review
7/4/2017Arizona AzureDesert 0Jeremy LockApproved10 Like Review
3/30/2018Arthur's Pass National Park G.C.Swiss0Justin InwoodApproved4 Like Review
9/20/2017Arundel WoodsBoreal 0Andrew DaviesApproved3 Like Review
6/7/2018Ashmere Forest GCBoreal 0Steven EaglesApproved8 Like Review
8/7/2018Atlantic Dunes ClubDelta0Adam GroveApproved3 Like Review
8/29/2017Augusta National ('18 WorldTour)Rural 0Royce BrownApproved16 Like Review
12/13/2017Aviao MontanhaDesert 0Graham WebsterApproved1 Like Review
7/23/2018AzaharaTropical0Eric LillyApproved1 Like Review
12/31/2017Badger Hills CCCountryside0Phil FaldoApproved4 Like Review
6/8/2018Badlands NationalCountryside0Matthew RollysonApproved2 Like Review
7/15/2016Baltusrol GC Lower Course ThursRustic0James LowApproved20 Like Review
4/20/2016Barra da Tijuca- TGC2Tropical0Terry GraysonApproved2 Like Review
8/17/2017Bass Rocks G.C.Highlands0Derric SouzaApproved1 Like Review
9/15/2017Bayou Self GC (ver 2.1)Delta0Don SchultzApproved1 Like Review
9/2/2017Bearded Pelican Golf Links (CC)Tropical0Patrick LawlessApproved3 Like Review
7/27/2017Bellows RockSwiss0Juice RoshanApproved9 Like Review
7/26/2017Berwick-Upon-Tweed Golf ClubHighlands0Tom RauschApproved0 Like Review
4/24/2016Bicho de Sete Cabe├žasDelta0Antonio ScarpacciApproved8 Like Review
9/18/2017BIG NUGGET GOLF CLUBDesert 0James OlcottApproved1 Like Review
5/7/2018Big Shanty Station G.C.Harvest0Chris LaneApproved3 Like Review
10/9/2017BigBillyTX Rememberance Course@Lufkin Winter0Darren ClarkApproved3 Like Review
2/14/2018Binnington NiddrieHighlands0Jamie BinningApproved0 Like Review
8/7/2017Black River G.C.Rustic0Wes CoastApproved0 Like Review
11/22/2017Black Swan Golf ClubSteppe0Adam HillApproved3 Like Review
12/26/2017Black Vulture Country ClubDelta0Jesse EaddyApproved4 Like Review
1/29/2018Black Vulture Country Club (TE)Delta0Jesse EaddyApproved1 Like Review
3/21/2018Blackstone HillsDelta0Danny VaughnApproved0 Like Review
7/12/2017Blue Sky Palms G.CDesert 0Thomas PhelpsApproved34 Like Review
1/14/2016Bobcaygeon Golf and Ski ResortWinter0Mark DaviesApproved1 Like Review
8/30/2018Bradley Suaad Golf CourseCountryside0Marc FischerApproved0 Like Review
3/20/2018Brandiwyne Village Golf ClubRustic0Jesse EaddyApproved0 Like Review
12/3/2017Branston Lakes Golf ClubCountryside0Graham WebsterApproved9 Like Review
6/1/2018Brecon Golf CourseRustic0Nigel FudgeApproved6 Like Review
10/23/2017Bro Hof Slott Golf Club - SwedenBoreal 0Mikael ThunbergApproved6 Like Review
7/24/2016BrookgreenRustic0Terry GraysonApproved18 Like Review
7/26/2017Brookledge Golf ClubAutumn 0Dario LoganApproved10 Like Review
4/19/2018Brookside Village G.C.Rustic0Leo BaileyApproved0 Like Review
1/25/2018Bryce National GCSteppe0Phil FaldoApproved0 Like Review
8/23/2017Brynestone Bay Golf Links Highlands0Kenny HarrisonApproved3 Like Review
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