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DateCourse NameThemeMy PlaysDesigner NameStatusOn Tour?Real?Video?Likes
7/24/2017Carolina ShoresTropical0Terry GraysonApproved12 Like Review
1/11/2017Monument Sands Golf ResortDesert 0Resigned Resigned Approved12 Like Review
1/14/2016Whitefish MountainWinter0Dean LowdonApproved12 Like Review
7/6/2018Path of BlameBoreal 0Pablo AlonsoApproved11 Like Review
7/6/2018Lockwood Downs Golf ClubHarvest0Simon MorrisApproved11 Like Review
11/25/2017The KnollsDelta0John IvesApproved11 Like Review
10/6/2017Ravenbrook Hall GCRustic0Lou WebsterApproved11 Like Review
8/26/2017Kilsbergen Skog 2017Boreal 0Dean LowdonApproved11 Like Review
7/13/2017Cloudcrest C.C.Delta0Kevin CotterApproved11 Like Review
7/9/2017Le Golf NationalCountryside0Dean LowdonApproved11 Like Review
7/6/2017Caramel CreekHarvest0Jeremy LockApproved11 Like Review
3/13/2017Cinder Cone HarbourHighlands0Jeff WinterApproved11 Like Review
8/8/2018Davenport Athletic Club (TGCT)Delta0Chris LaneApproved10 Like Review
8/6/2018The Big Bear Country ClubBoreal 0Chris NelsonApproved10 Like Review
5/23/2018Prairie Run - ChampionshipCountryside0Jordan Springer Approved10 Like Review
5/15/2018Sunset Beach, Ocean CourseHighlands0Derek LongApproved10 Like Review
1/17/2018Torrey Pines - South 2018Tropical0Kevin GilmoreApproved10 Like Review
1/12/2018Tarwa Golf ClubDelta0Mikael ThunbergApproved10 Like Review
11/14/2017Coronado Athletic ClubBoreal 0Matthew FritschApproved10 Like Review
8/22/2017The WhitefangDelta0Henrik SundqvistApproved10 Like Review
8/6/2017Silver Lake G.CCountryside0Jim Argent Approved10 Like Review
7/26/2017Brookledge Golf ClubAutumn 0Dario LoganApproved10 Like Review
7/4/2017Arizona AzureDesert 0Jeremy LockApproved10 Like Review
7/2/2017Starla Park 2017Rustic0Dale BurgerApproved10 Like Review
5/25/2017The Sauble River ClubBoreal 0Wayne AdamsApproved10 Like Review
4/19/2017The Preserve at Talons ReachRustic0David AndrewsApproved10 Like Review
2/28/2017Silent Ivy Hotel, Nattavaara, SE Boreal 0Ola EricssonApproved10 Like Review
6/7/2016The Troubadour at Ghost Lake Boreal 0Sean GainesApproved10 Like Review
3/29/2016Montreux G&CC - Reno, NevadaBoreal 0Jimmy SheridanApproved10 Like Review
5/8/2018The National Course at Rose HallTropical0John IvesApproved9 Like Review
12/28/2017Coeur d'Alene Resort GCHighlands0Konsta KokkonenApproved9 Like Review
12/3/2017Branston Lakes Golf ClubCountryside0Graham WebsterApproved9 Like Review
9/6/2017Ocean of MemoriesHighlands0Adam BenjaminApproved9 Like Review
8/23/2017Lantau Island Resort Hong KongTropical0Shane GraceApproved9 Like Review
8/2/2017Scarpacci WowieDelta0Antonio ScarpacciApproved9 Like Review
7/30/2017Erin LinksWinter0Steve LillicoApproved9 Like Review
7/27/2017Bellows RockSwiss0Juice RoshanApproved9 Like Review
7/10/2017Royal EthalwindHighlands0Adam BenjaminApproved9 Like Review
6/10/2017Waui Kush Isles ResortTropical0David BazayApproved9 Like Review
5/18/2017The Lakes Course @ Eagle RidgeHarvest0Peter McAlisterApproved9 Like Review
1/9/2017Iditarod Golf CourseWinter0John IvesApproved9 Like Review
8/30/2016Falcon Fire Estates and Country ClubRustic0Todd DriverApproved9 Like Review
7/22/2016Tvismark Golf KlubHighlands0Dean LowdonApproved9 Like Review
7/17/2018Cyrannd FallsDelta0Joe ConnorsApproved8 Like Review
6/7/2018Ashmere Forest GCBoreal 0Steven EaglesApproved8 Like Review
4/27/2018The Course at Deadman Point Steppe0Leo BaileyApproved8 Like Review
4/23/2018The ChastenerRustic0Victor LaneApproved8 Like Review
4/12/2018Jules Haven Wilderness GolfBoreal 0Jay RayApproved8 Like Review
9/23/2017TPC Scottsdale, Arizona V2.0Desert 0Tom BushApproved8 Like Review
8/19/2017The Greens at Old Rasputin 2018Rustic0Chris SaundersApproved8 Like Review
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