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DateCourse NameThemeMy PlaysDesigner NameStatusOn Tour?Real?Video?Likes
2/26/2018The Reserve at Calder PlantationBoreal 0Ryan McConnellApproved3 Like Review
2/26/2018The Links at Seaside DunesTropical0Danny VaughnApproved3 Like Review
2/20/2018Stein Ridge Country ClubAutumn 0Scott FultonApproved3 Like Review
2/2/2018Galena Park G.C. (Tour)Harvest0Leo BaileyApproved3 Like Review
1/25/2018ChuckwallaDesert 0Marc FischerApproved3 Like Review
1/24/2018TombstoneSteppe0Terry GraysonApproved3 Like Review
1/22/2018Terlingua Golf Resort & Spa (CC)Steppe0Phillip WeisApproved3 Like Review
1/18/2018Twelve Bridges cc (catta course)Rural 0Zack SimptonApproved3 Like Review
1/5/2018Doak Island ResortTropical0Craig LeVasseurApproved3 Like Review
12/20/2017Laredo Farms Golf ClubCountryside0Rohan SikandApproved3 Like Review
12/16/2017The Carolina Sporting ClubHarvest0Charlie DavisApproved3 Like Review
12/14/2017Links del Pinet - TourDelta0Pablo AlonsoApproved3 Like Review
12/9/2017Greens at Harmony LakeCountryside0Dave MastApproved3 Like Review
11/22/2017Black Swan Golf ClubSteppe0Adam HillApproved3 Like Review
11/14/2017Valle Dello Stelvio, ItalySwiss0Gordon BrownApproved3 Like Review
11/13/2017The SteeplechaseSwiss0Curt SmithApproved3 Like Review
11/4/2017The Machrihan DunesHighlands0Kenneth CavanaApproved3 Like Review
10/9/2017BigBillyTX Rememberance Course@Lufkin Winter0Darren ClarkApproved3 Like Review
10/4/2017The Club at Ironhorse - TourDesert 0Pablo AlonsoApproved3 Like Review
10/3/2017Stonehof Champions CourseRural 0Adam DudekApproved3 Like Review
10/1/2017Hillcrest Country ClubAutumn 0James OlcottApproved3 Like Review
9/23/2017Aengus Rock GCHighlands0Chris BatesApproved3 Like Review
9/20/2017Arundel WoodsBoreal 0Andrew DaviesApproved3 Like Review
9/20/2017The Dusty Lion Club (East)Highlands0Ola EricssonApproved3 Like Review
9/15/2017Timbrelle National Golf ClubBoreal 0Matthew FritschApproved3 Like Review
9/5/2017The 88 ClubDesert 0Nic ZaiserApproved3 Like Review
9/2/2017Shortbush MetroDelta0Greg JohnsonApproved3 Un-LikeReview
9/2/2017Sun Mountain Golf ClubDesert 0Kory WorkApproved3 Like Review
9/2/2017Petrichor GolfRustic0Pablo AlonsoApproved3 Like Review
9/2/2017Bearded Pelican Golf Links (CC)Tropical0Patrick LawlessApproved3 Like Review
8/25/2017Ross Society Country ClubRustic0Craig LeVasseurApproved3 Like Review
8/25/2017The Links @ Dunbow DamCountryside0Chris NelsonApproved3 Like Review
8/23/2017Brynestone Bay Golf Links Highlands0Kenny HarrisonApproved3 Like Review
8/9/2017Old Romney New CourseHighlands0Resigned Resigned Approved3 Like Review
8/8/2017St Julie's Links GCLinks 0Andrew DaviesApproved3 Like Review
8/6/2017The Crescent Serpent Golf Club (tour ed)Highlands0Dale BurgerApproved3 Like Review
8/6/2017Muirfield Village 2017Rural 0Scott BergmanApproved3 Like Review
8/6/2017Gewella Golf Club 2017Countryside0Mikael ThunbergApproved3 Like Review
8/5/2017Olafsen Skerries - TournamentHighlands0Brian JeffordsApproved3 Like Review
8/5/2017Valle de los Reyes (Garcia) TSTDelta0Antonio ScarpacciApproved3 Like Review
8/2/2017Katokosmos Golf ClubCountryside0Seth CampionApproved3 Like Review
8/2/2017Louisville A.C. (Championship)Countryside0Josh NezatApproved3 Like Review
7/23/2017Exiled IslandDelta0Moe SlorkmanApproved3 Like Review
7/22/2017MahambaDelta0Chris BatesApproved3 Like Review
7/14/2017The National Golf Club of CanadaRustic0Carson BabichApproved3 Like Review
7/13/2017Eilean Bheag GC (Tour - 2017)Links 0Ailean Beinn TannaApproved3 Like Review
7/4/2017Raging RoosterDelta0Jeremy LockApproved3 Like Review
7/2/2017Wyrley Brook Golf ClubCountryside0Jon SpiersApproved3 Like Review
7/2/2017The Pyratone ClubRustic0Henrik SundqvistApproved3 Like Review
6/11/2017Golf de la Vallee des FougeresBoreal 0Pablo AlonsoApproved3 Like Review
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