Simon Morris

I love golf but never played it to any great standard in real life & grew up in the 70's & 80's whacking a ball, unsuccessfully with friends or family using a cheap set of clubs round the often poorly kept municipal courses of Greater Manchester, England in the UK. I also grew up watching the great players like Greg Norman, Nick Faldo & Seve Ballesteros on my TV screen but never really paid any attention to the golf courses they would grace. I lost touch with the game in the late 90’s & would just tune in maybe for the final day of a Masters or the closing rounds of The Ryder Cup. When I discovered "The Golf Club" through a 50th birthday gift & subsequently TGCTours at it's conception they rekindled both my love of the game & (more importantly) gave me the chance to design courses & have them played globally via this wonderful website where I've made countless cyber friends - cheers all. To end this bio though there are 4 people I'd like to thank personally.... 3 of whom have been instrumental in my steady climb up the recognition design ladder: American - David Jensen (DDawg). Canadian - Andre Quenneville (Crazycanuck1985) & Aussie - Stephen McIntyre (Pingzing). The 4th is my daily, turn based, playing partner: South African - Marc van Niekerk (Crazycroc). Oh! I almost forgot... Big thanks also to Mrs Morris for putting up with my obsession & serving a never ending supply of tea & coffee. Cheers & Good luck to all..... SAM

My TGC 2 Courses

Course Name Theme Par Status Likes
Dovetail Park G C (Tour Version) Countryside 72 Approved 13
Topaz Lagoon Golf Club Delta 72 Approved 25
Mandolin Walk Golf & Country Club Rustic 72 Approved 2
The Club At Montecito Tropical 72 On Tour 11
Fallow's Crest Golf Club Harvest 72 On Tour 4
Stargazer Cove 9 Hole, Par 36 Highlands 36 Approved 1
The Maghreb Imperial Steppe 71 Approved 3
Stargazer Cove (18 Hole, Par 72) Highlands 72 On Tour 2
Lockwood Downs Golf Club Harvest 73 On Tour 8

My TGC 1 Courses

Course Name Theme Par Status Likes
Roebuck Manor Golf Club Boreal 72 Approved 9
Mulligan's Cove Remastered Links 71 Approved 4
Mulligan's Cove Links 72 Approved 2
Maple Villa Golf Club Autumn 72 Approved 3
The Bell Tower Golf Club Boreal 72 Approved 6
Sunnybrow Heights Alpine 72 Approved 2
Dovetail Park Golf Club Countryside 72 Approved 26
Grangethorpe Downs Countryside 72 Approved 17
Crossblades Point Golf Club Highlands 72 Approved 4
Jakarta Bay Golf Club Delta 72 On Tour 8
Dovetail Park - Winter Edition (Dovetail On Ice) Winter 72 On Tour 7
The Harlequin at Jester's Lake Rustic 72 On Tour 23
Parque da Boa Vista, Rio de Janeiro pin #1 Boreal 71 On Tour 6
Hopper's Valley Golf Club Swiss 72 Approved 13
Willowbank Golf & Country Club Countryside 72 On Tour 18
Echo Canyon Golf Club Desert 71 Approved 1
Port Sunlight Golf Club Highlands 72 On Tour 5
Mossbrook Heath Golf Club Harvest 72 On Tour 6