Simon Morris

I love golf but never played it to any great standard in real life & grew up in the 70's & 80's whacking a ball, unsuccessfully with friends or family using a cheap set of clubs round the often poorly kept municipal courses of Greater Manchester, England in the UK. I also grew up watching the great players like Greg Norman, Nick Faldo & Seve Ballesteros on my TV screen but never really paid any attention to the golf courses they would grace. I lost touch with the game in the late 90’s & would just tune in maybe for the final day of a Masters or the closing rounds of The Ryder Cup. When I discovered "The Golf Club" through a 50th birthday gift & subsequently TGCTours at it's conception they rekindled both my love of the game & (more importantly) gave me the chance to design courses & have them played globally via this wonderful website where I've made countless cyber friends - cheers all. To end this bio though there are 4 people I'd like to thank personally.... 3 of whom have been instrumental in my steady climb up the recognition design ladder: American - David Jensen (DDawg). Canadian - Andre Quenneville (Crazycanuck1985) & Aussie - Stephen McIntyre (Pingzing). The 4th is my daily, turn based, playing partner: South African - Marc van Niekerk (Crazycroc). Oh! I almost forgot... Big thanks also to Mrs Morris for putting up with my obsession & serving a never ending supply of tea & coffee. Cheers & Good luck to all..... SAM

PGA 2k21 Courses

Course Name Theme Par Status Likes
The Club At Montecito Tropical 72 On Tour
2018 World Golf Hall of Fame Open on CC-A
Dovetail Park Golf Club Countryside 72 On Tour
2019 Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Cup on Kinetic
Paragon Golf & Country Club Boreal 72 Tour Worthy
The Encarta Club Delta 72 On Tour
2020 Huy Fong Foods Classic on CC-A
Sinopia Valley Golf Club Autumn 71 Approved
The Watchtower Highlands 72 Approved
Vanquish Point Boreal 73 Approved
Abisko Park Swiss 72 Approved
Buccaneer Caverns Tropical 71 Approved
Mandarin Island Golf Club Delta 72 Approved
Larkhill Manor G & CC Boreal 72 Approved

TGC 2019 Courses