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Rob Amos

Member Since: July 2016
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CC-C Tour Season Summary

Events 1st 2nd Top 5 Top 10 Top 25 Cut % Earnings Rank
1 -- -- -- -- -- 0 % $0 337

CC-C Tour Season Results

Date Tournament Finish R1 R2 R3 R4 Score Earnings
9/9/2019 Billy Mays Memorial WD from Event
9/16/2019 Bob Barker Spay & Neuter Pro-Am Did Not Play
9/23/2019 Saskatchewan Farms Classic Did Not Play
9/30/2019 The Brian Blessed Links Championship Did Not Play
10/7/2019 Clapper Classic Did Not Play
10/14/2019 Cracked Open Did Not Play
10/21/2019 Autism Speaks Charity Championship Did Not Play
10/28/2019 World Golf Hall of Fame Open Did Not Play
11/4/2019 Wayne Enterprises Invitational Did Not Play
11/11/2019 Amazon Prime Golf Classic Did Not Play
11/18/2019 The Blue Moon Championship Did Not Play
11/25/2019 Chubbs Peterson Memorial Did Not Play
12/2/2019 Beirut Shootout Did Not Play